Hi, all customers and readers!

In this post, we thought we should write a bit about competition in our industry. We work in an industry where there is constant talk and writing about who is serious and who is unserious. This takes place on all levels, among clinics, practitioners, suppliers and others. To present themselves as leaders, best, strongest, etc.
– We at Mareli Medical believe that you build a brand by performing a good job, focusing on your own brand and not the competitor’s.

Today, we constantly see new players appearing on the market, trying to copy Mareli Medical. We see companies that were once critical of Mareli Medical and now are trying to do what Mareli Medical has been doing for several years. We also see new players in the market who, by having a nice website, try to make their company look similar to Mareli Medical. We see the players who over the years have tried to cooperate with Mareli Medical and who are now instead trying to compete. This is something that comes almost automatically when you are one of the leaders in the industry.

We see posts almost daily on social media and never cease to be surprised. It can be anything from practitioners who have never been a customer to us, talking about our products and services to competitors who take every chance they get to market themselves. We see well-established companies spreading misleading information about possible law changes that are under investigation in Sweden and we see practitioners/clinics being discredited due to a treatment that has not achieved the desired result.

One of the worst things is to see all these practitioners who give advice on social media.
Some of them are customers of ours, which is why we know exactly how many treatments these self-appointed experts perform themselves. A few have not even worked in the industry for more than a few months before they start offering to train others.

The problems that arise when large parts of an industry do not handle competition on the right terms, are all the misleading information and the shift of focus from the vision of a better industry where quality and service are core values that never fail.

Mareli Medical has become one of Europe’s largest players due to our service, quality, safety, competence and vision. Not because we copied someone, spoke badly about someone or chased down customers. In fact, we still do not have a single salesperson employed in our company, yet new clinics are added to our customer base daily. – It is a receipt that thousands of clinics around the world are satisfied with us as a partner!

Regardless if you are a supplier, patient, practitioner, clinic manager or educator, we are completely convinced that we all really believe that cheap is not always the best. Quality takes precedence over quantity, competence and experience are the most important factors when performing work and a copy is never better than the original.
– Therefore, you should turn to your supplier if you have questions or need help, they are experts on the industry and of the products they sell.

– Therefore, one should attend training with those with long-term objective competence and experience.

– Therefore, one should take in information from authorities regarding products and legislative changes, not salespeople or social media posts.
– Therefore, you should not choose a filler just because it is cheap.

We are all a part of our industry and together we move it forward! That is why we should all be treated with respect and humility!