Freeze Membran 27*30cm, 70g

Freeze Membran 27*30cm, 70g 

Fat freezing machine, it can protect the skin from frostbite


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Freeze Membran 27*30cm, 70g


The freezing procedure involves the use of an applicator that cools the fat cells in the targeted area of your body for a simple, natural fat removal process. 

An applicator cup is then attached to deliver a gentle vacuum pressure that draws tissue between the cooling panels.

The treated fat cells are removed though natural metabolic processes within the body, similar to the way fat from food is removed. 

This allows for a gradual reduction in fat from targeted areas to create a slimmer, more defined appearance.


Model: ETGII

*Membrance size: 27*30cm(M)

*Weight: 70g 

*Quantity: 1 pcs/bag

*Usageused for skin frozen therapy (disposable material)

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