Carbon Peeling Cream 80ml

Carbon Peeling Cream 80ml

Effectively tighten the skin, minimize large pores, skin whitening.


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Laser Carbon Cream Gel for Beauty Machine Rejuvenation 80ml


Item Type: Laser Carbon Cream  

Size: App 5.4*14cm

Net Content: 80ml

Quantity: 1Pcs

Shelf Life: 3 years. (Use before marked date)


Soft skin care. Also know as black diamond cream, effectively tighten the skin, minimize large pores, skin whitening.

For carbon laser External Use only.

Usage Method:

This product applied to the face for 5 minutes, until the skin to dry, and then use the instrument.

Do it once every 1-3 weeks, need 4-6 times to see the effect of reducing pores.


Marine minerals, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, seaweed, medical grade power, vitamin B, vitamin C.


Please keep out of reach of children. Before using the product, apply a small amount to your wrist or arm, If you have any discomfort, please stop using immediately and consult skin doctor.

Packing Included:

1 x Laser Carbon Cream