Filorga NCTF 135HA 10 flaskor


Living in Canada? - This product is is not available for import to Canada.

CE-marked, not approved by FDA

Wrinkle treatment

55 ingredients Active repair of cutaneous damages

Active and exogenous hydration
Hyaluronic Acid reduces Insensitive Water Loss

Brightness/Radiance optimization
Hyaluronic Acid encourages angiogenesis

Ionic Balancing
Ca+, K+, Mg+, Na+ Overcome mineral deficiencies

Treated zones
Face, Neck, Décolleté, Back of the hands, Inside of the arms and legs and Abdomen

Hyaluronic acid:
Hyaluronic acid contained in NCTF135 and NCTF135HA revitalising solutions compensates for the natural loss in endogenous hyaluronic acid and redensifies the dermis. Its strong hygroscopic potential enables it to capture up to 30 times its volume in water. It also provides excellent cutaneous repair by acting on cellular proliferation and regulating cutaneous microcirculation

unique revitalising cocktail
14 vitamins (A, B, C, E) Stimulate vital functions of cells
24 amino acids Encourage protein production (elastin, collagen, etc.)
6 coenzymes Catalyse bio-chemical reactions of tissues
5 nucleic acid bases Activate cellular communication
4 minerals Prevent and act on skin deficiencies
2 anti-oxydants Capture free radicals

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