How does it work?

Several times a week we get questions about our products, how we can have such a low prices? Are they real or fake?

We thought that we as simple as possible will try to answer these questions here, before our competitors answer for us.

As most of us know, Sweden is included in the EU, in the EU there is a free market, its nothing wrong to buy a car from Germany, food from Sweden or maybe some clothes from Spain.
EU gets bigger and bigger and the market is changing with it.

Everyone also knows that if you're buying a car, a car is more expensive in Sweden than it is in Germany for example.
The same product dont have the same price all around the world. The price is different, depending on taxes, demand of product, income in the country etc.
Everyone knows, however, that it is the same car, coming from the same factory.

It is the same with dermal fillers!
Everyone knows that the more you buy from a supplier, the better the prices gets. Our standard customer buys around 150-200/ml dermal filler a month and has a price on that from their supplier.
Mareli Medical buys thousands of ml each month and has a price on that from our supplier.
Who do you think has the best price of the product?
We also buy it from a supplier which generally have a lower price in the market.

Are we competing with the main suppliers in each country? YES & NO!
Mareli Medical is doing things differently because of the fact that we are not the manufacturer or an agency. This is something that gains YOU.
As an independent supplier of dermal fillers we can do so much more then others. We work everyday for a higher standard in this industry. We create options for your company. We give you the upertunity to grow and become better.

However, we believe this…
Considering how much money you save by shopping smart, you save every month alot of money. In this way you can afford to go what courses you want, to put money on marketing that generates more coustumers etc.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us, otherwise you can always contact our competitors if you think they are better able to explain who we are, than we are.

Thank you kindly for your time and we wish you all welcome as a customer!

Mareli Medical