Köp Emervel

Emervel Classic, Emervel Deep, Emervel Lips, Emervel Touch, Emervel Volume

Emervel Dermal filler produced by Galderma.

Emervel® is an exciting and sophisticated range of soft dermal fillers designed to help you look and feel your best. Smooth away facial lines, restore volume or enhance your smile with a lip treatment. The Emervel range is designed to complement the varying stages of facial ageing to provide natural looking results

What is the Emervel range of dermal fillers?
Emervel is a range of products used for non-surgical facial aesthetic enhancement. Used by trained and qualified medical aesthetic practitioners, Emervel provides an effective way of smoothing away wrinkles and enhancing and/or replacing lost volume to facial features.

What makes Emervel unique?
Emervel incorporates the unique Optimal Balance Technology™, providing a customised range of soft dermal filler gels that ensure perfect integration into the varying skin layers. Emervel’s technology offers safety and longevity which are supported by extensive clinical evidence – giving you peace of mind. So whether you are looking to restore or replace volume to facial features or smooth away facial lines, wrinkles and folds - the Emervel range will have a product to suit your individual aesthetic needs.

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