Why Mareli Medical?

(Mareli Medical)

What makes us at Mareli Medical different?
Thats a question we get a few times a week, It is also a question we love to answer...

1. Mareli Medical does not represent ONE brand. We distrubute a lot of different brands.
So when you ask us a question you get an answer that is more objektiv. That makes a huge differens in the dialog about the products.

2. The competitions out there between clinics are really tuff, we know that. We also know that the proffits on the treatments are low. We work really hard to get the best prices on the market so our customers can afford to get stronger and better. That gains the whole industry.

We are not a company that want our customers to dump the price-tag on the treatment, we want your profits to be higher, so you can invest in your business.

3. We are a smal company with a long background in the beauty-industry. And as far as we know... Its better to be a huge customer in a small company, then a smal customer in a huge company. We believe in custom-relationship!

4. The price-tag! and if you have a better price-tag today than we can offer... contact us! Nothing is imposible and we work hard to reach your target-price.

5. We NEVER take a customer for granted!

Best regards!
Mareli Medical

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