From our CEO

(Markus Nilsson)

My colleagues and me Markus Nilsson, CEO at Mareli Medical would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Looking back of this year that almost has passed, it feels good to summarize our journey since start in February.
Together with my partner Elias Assarsen we created a vision to transform a large part of the industry. Especially when it comes to the concept of responsibility.

We have yet a long way to go to reach our goals, but we all have to start somewhere and I'm very proud of the work so far we have implemented.

# The "monopoly" in the Nordic region is broken. And for the first time a reseller gets to experience the competition for the product they sell. This is good no matter who the customer ultimately chooses to buy from.

# The freedom for you as a customer has grown. You are nolonger dependent on the manufacturer.

# The profits for many of you are now higher than one year ago. This is one of the most important parts of our work. We all know that change costs money. Especially if the changes involves skills and quality improvement measures. Now you have the opportunity to take yourself to the next level. It benefits you and your consumers / patients.

# The need for a school that could provide you with objective courseware was something that was brought to us very quickly.
Therefore, we created Mareli Academy. Training should only be about education and not just as a tool to tie up a customer to a brand. Read more about the school at

# Discontent among people who work with dermal fillers when it comes to the different certifications available in the market were very clear. From our point of view it was extreemly important to create a certificate that wasnt tied to a brand of filler.
A certificate should only reflect finisher's experience and expertise. This is important and should be obvious to the patient. Therefore we created the Mareli Certificate. Why this is important can you read more about on our website.

The list goes on of measures we have invested a lot of money in to create a positive trend in the industry. The list of actors who have worked against us is also long.
But the list of all the customers we have gained since start is clearly the longest. And we are extremely proud of it. We are also grateful to all the people who clearly sees what we are trying to do.
Sometimes it has been tough for us, especially when we are one of the largest companies in Europe in this sector and who hasn´t always been welcome in Media, fairs or other social contexts.
Active campaigns against our brand has been spread like wildfire.
Unfortunately, this kind of mudslinging is relatively common in our industry. I have been clear to all my staff, that in this sandbox we will never play.

Therefore, we have chosen to basically never comment on people's attempts of smear against us.

The truth is that we have conducted more than many already established companies have succeeded and today we are one of Sweden's fastest growing companies.

Hard work with morals pays off. Our focus is 100% on our customers and not the brands we sell. This has created a huge difference to our customers, and we thank you humbly for your trust, THANK YOU.

We have still much to do, and in the beginning of next year we will be launching a number of exciting projects and products. We are also ready to take our company to the next level.
Finally and once again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Together we create a better beauty industry.

Markus Nilsson- CEO at Mareli Medical

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